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Ask the expert EMC Community Network : intro to NSX

Hi there,

As part of my sense of sharing with all about NSX, yes NSX, last november I participated in EMC communities in the ASK the expert / Pregunte al experto session, all about NSx, as far as I know I don't pretend to be a rockstar it is just to share because I like it, so that is my poor justification about posting in my interaction on that forum, but wait for more this month on same community here is the link below and just enjoy it , as I said, if anything you need to check about it feel free to ping me at the vmware communities on vmware NSX.
in English :

in Spanish:

stay tune...

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jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2015

Cross vCenter NSX : Use case customized part 1

Hi there,

In this post I will try to put all my thoughts about a cross VC NSX use case used in conjunction with SRM, has been a time since I don't blog may be because I get lost in many things including work and fighting with reality, anyway I will died doing NSX!!!

So lets do like the business case:

This is a big client that has a need to migrate all the virtual infrastructure vSphere based from site A, site B and site C to site D, D has the capacity to support all workloads, the players on the field are vSphere and Site Recovery Manager at that time, everything was ok and then due to applications are hardcoded with ip address the big client has decided to maintain Ip addressing at any cost during this migration.

So simple ah? not it is not, here are the challenges to be beaten:

Application in every site are like a mystery to deal with, this means even applications sponsors don't know how they are mapped between them, i.e. application X has 300 VM's but it is uncertain who they are and how critical is the relationship, se we are fucked.

In every site is like a "do it yourself" vSphere deployment, this means not all the hardware is the same, and the installer guy of vSphere was thinking in porno when he did the deployment, so in consequence is not homogenous vSphere installation

Networking is a pain in the ass, for say less, so in every single site they have routed networks in same segment presented in all sites, for instance let's say we have a site A and the vSphere admin was required a VM or a bunch, to map the networks it is requires to have in an specific dvPortgroup since it is presented (the required VLAN) at physical segment and with and specific ip address sub-network, then this is just the beginning the administrator has to ask network flows and depending on physical networks a NAT (there is like 6K NAT's by the way) and then security for apps and NLB.

The proposal:

So the main driver is to keep ip address of VM's, right? so in a beautiful world the perfect elegant and awesome solution could be Cross VC NSX + SRM, but lets take a break to check why this will be the use case of years to come in DR and DA.

First lest check what we use to have as a solution for DR from VMware perspective, Site Recovery Manager is a tool that can be used for orchestration of Disaster Recovery, this sounds like fancy but is more easy that it sounds, so here are the features in high level about SRM:

  • In vSphere environments SRM will allow to "be the man in the middle" for Replication mechanisms at disk level, so whatever replication  (already certificated by VMware) SRM will mask instructions to disk arrays to break, copy or clone and reverse replication (please don't hate me I know is more detail but I want to give an Idea).
  • Array replication can be in one direction only, or both.
  • Can be used with vSphere Replication which is the network replication of datastore files for VM's been protected.
  • You can map vSphere objects from protected site to recovery site
  • Can be used as a tool for planned migrations maybe renewal of hardware.
  • Networks can be mapped from source and destination but need to wait till vmtools to "wake up" in order to change ip address or apply a script to change VM behavior or cosmetic changes.

So per se SRM can help IT to have a solid DR schema at low cost due to all the pieces involved are taken in governance by this orchestrator (not VCO don get confuse).

On the other hand what we can do to deal with networking mapping and preserver ip addressing the same during migration of VM's?

Lets see a little bit of NSX Cross VC solution has to offer, so at this point I guess everybody know WTF is SDN and VMware NSX right? Well assuming that, we start to describe this use case of VMware NSX with these capabilities:

  • With Cross VC NSX we are able to extend the Logical Switches (VXLAN based logical L2 switches) in geographical separated sites, for that we need to have 150 ms RTT, and WAN link of at least 1600 MTU.
  • We can have a natural mapping of logical wires with SRM
  • For been a L2 logical switch projected in two sites you can have the same ip address for VM's hanged in this, so if you migrate from site A to site B the VM will preserve ip address!!!
  •  It is possible to have 8 sites in extension

I guess you wonder how in the world L3 is taken in account? So check this and be amazed, VMware NSX installed in both sites (controllers just in one of them) so the same concept of extension of Logical switches applies to the Distributed Logical Router, this means that we have a projection of same DLR in both sites been the same logical router, so wen a packet comes from physical world looking for a VM inside virtual infrastructure (vSphere) this packet is router by Edge Service gateway and passed to U-DLR (U stands for Universal so Universal DLR and Universal LS, Universal Objects in cross VC NSX) this logical router know exactly where is the VM even if this is already migrated to other site and deliver the packed to the VM!!!

I need to check how performance is hammer in this case since there is not a VPN or such doing the extension, we are just doing an ip connectivity communication between sites and MTU over 1550 that's all, so according to me this is for WAN links with high BW and low latency since we required to have 150 ms RTT and vXLAN will have like a 1.5 Gbps of throughput.

That's for now I need to do some work so let me continue this horror story in next post....and please forgive my lack of diagrams but hope to solve that soon...

cya hogs!!

lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

The Gospel According to VMware NSX

Hi there,

this is just a quick post to invite everyone to the vForum MX, in this I will have the fortune to participate in a couple of sessions about my passion, NSX !!!, least but not last, come and challenge the presenters let's make them give us the details and deep dives about this awesome way to do things in Networking Virtualization, so here is the schedule hope you can make it:


NSX: Casos de Uso El Nuevo Estandar en Redes y Seguridad para SDDC

Redes Definidas por Software:MICROSEGMENTACION - PAN
 I will be in the vExpert bar and attending the vBrownbags LATAM tech talks with my fellow Kyle Murley, so please come by to say hi or damn on me either way get interested in NSX that will be the final deal!!   PD: "Run NSX" t-shirts will be available just ask for one don't be f....shy..  

cya in the Hilton Reforma Mexico City hogs!!

jueves, 20 de agosto de 2015

NSX 6.2.0 is ALIVE!!

Hails to the orde!!

Just two days after my birthday, NSX 6.2.0 it is GA, so what is new ::

Well basically is all about the vcenter domain boundaries, with this version you are able to do things like inter-vCenter LS,  vMotion with DFW how awesome is that??, well for a miserable dog like me is more value to add in engagement with customers, think for a moment in L2 extensibility and the pin in the ass to have all sync between sites, well that tens to be smooth as a charm with this, and what about SG's? well SRM and NSX are now very close friends (they did in the past but vRO was like the spiritual link between them ), why? well , NSX is now able to make DR plan to the easy level (kind of ), I will dear that we will se more DRaaS, stuff like that.....


If you like the guts approach, as I do, give a try the troubleshooting Official KB compendium, this is condense bunch of articles about troubleshooting on NSX, so here you go:

Hope have time to deep dive on those, stay tune hogs!!!

viernes, 3 de julio de 2015

Album mini-review (a jewel of Balck Metal)


This post is not related to my first passion, this is about something that makes my sense to feel good, I don't pretend to offend to anyone (if I do, sorry zorrillin), but this is what I like, some folks consider weird, but is an music style, or something like that, at the end is part of me since age of 14, when I discover something different and makes this life path more easy to take, this is black-metal, and this post I want to make a review from a record I bought late 2002, first like in other styles black metal has his genres, in this case this album is catalog like atmospheric black metal/depressive black metal/ folk black metal, so here is the front cover....


the band name is EVOL this band comes from (Padua 1993) Italy the members are:
Giordano Bruno (Prince of Agony) - Vocals, Keyboard
Suspiria (Princess of Disease) - Female Vocals
Samael Von Martin (Lord of Sorrow) - Guitar 
T-Rex (Marquis of Rex Tenebrae) - Bass
Demian de Saba (Count of Insanity) - Drums

For me this album was the master piece of EVOL (record release 2001), compose of their first woks, minimalistic music, a lot of Lovecraft, old ancient horror movies and scary tale from witches and necromancers, everything delighted joined with powerful style on every chant, if you can get it this is not music to play on your kids party, but it does not contain the monster loud voices of traditional Noriega  Black metal, at the end is something to listen and enjoy,  and enjoy the fasssade of the band in terms of pretend to scary with horrible names, after a while because it takes a while to understand the sense of the band, is theatrical and silly but like Bela Lugosi theatrical style, is a performance, just like that.

Like everything good in this world , has a ending, there is not EVOL anymore, but the leave a couple of live performance, and other albums as well.

Something to remember my youth witch take me on Black Metal Music, a little blog-post-tribute to this big big band!!

PD try to get in acetate, is the best way to listen Black Metal

So back to work and VMware stuff by now..

cya hogs!

vBrownbag NSX, yes me again...

brutal hails!!!

Here we go again with my humble little/tiny participation on vBrownbag about NSX, something simple like a PoC but with a lot of explanations, so here we are, and thanks for having this dog...

march 12

April 9


cya hogs.

lunes, 20 de abril de 2015

VCIX-NV exam experience, some closer to VCDX!!

Hello hogs,

this is mi first post since I left for a while my blog due lots work and deliveries (not pizza or something like that to be precise), well  I have the need to write some thoughts about my experience on VCIX-NV exam, first, I notice that by the moment I pass the exam I was the first guy to passed in LATAM, at least this was a rumor I heard, anyway, what to say, I'm a little closer to my biggest dream in this sick and sad life : VCDX!!!

Lest point some important things about the exam whit care of NDA that I signed in order to present the exam, first of all the Blue Print is the king, the exam is a practical one with a kind of live  lab where you are connected in and have 18 tasks to complete, it is based on NSX-V only, and every single deep dive detail at least from my point of view is tested, to be honest I have not any kind of latency or something like that, everything was OK, just for a couple of nano-freeze I experienced, but nothing else, since English is not my second language they gave me 30 mins extra, and if this is your case you will need it, I take a couple of caffeine pills and some water just before the exam, because this exam doesn't have any kind of coffee break or bio break o whatever you call it, so caffeine pills and red bull are your friends!!

about the exam

The exam if good enough to test if you know about theory and much about practice, for example in my case I doubt at the beginning and this take me 45 mins just to repair my lab exam for myself, so be careful about what are you doing and if something is not in the right place you have two ways, try to repair yourself and continue the other tasks or cry as a baby and complaint Pearson.
Read one two three times the tasks, the indication are there and no more, for me this was like make some troubleshooting but against the clock, so you don't have time to waste and the only source to seek for a clue is your brain and preloaded with the knowledge, so please read careful.

Resources and prep

Since I felt in love with NSX, It was a kind of natural flow from VCP-NV to VCIX-NV, I used the Hands Of Labs from VMware to practice in some way, at least the day before exam I made  HOL-SDC-1425 and 1403 labs, I used the official Blue Print but I'm a kind of lazy so I used this one:

from Martijn Smit, and by the date of writing this post he put all the guide in pdf file!!!!

Many of my fellows ask about the dump I used to pass thie exam but sadly for them there is none so .|. , and hope some day this kind of cheats disappear, anyway so here is my personal recipe to pass: practice, read, try to understand, understand, practice again, and then practice again, easy like my college professor said : even a monkey can pass the exam with this recipe.

Tips and tricks

  • I was in paranoid mode, well I'm always in that mode, so use the two clients the web client and the c# client as well for some tasks, don't know why some refresh are faster with this.
  • Try to complete almost everything, if you don't know the answer to the whole task you (I guess) get points for sub-tasks completed.
  • Review all the tasks, some of them are related and some can be done parallel, and for parallel I mean that using web client you can have two or three tabs in different tasks at same time or just for  don't mix the panes for same sub-task to complete, for example if you are in web client power up a vm in another tab same web client you can have shutting down other vm.
  • Try to power up almost every single VM you don't know when you are going to need them and this takes a while and the wait for booting is psychological stressing .
  • Try to proof your completion of task, if you have enough in your mind to do it, this means in some tasks if you know what are you doing you will figure out how to auto proof for your self if this is ok or not, in some tasks this is required as well.
  •  Try to break the HOL, since it is conducted by a lab guide, you are free in this environment to break it, and the troubleshooting to repaired, think what happen if I break this and that.

the way out

If possible try to build your own lab, and spend some time playing with,  this save my ass in some things to remember, and just practice when possible from scratch, and please anything to help you to achieve this goal just let me know!!

Best of the lucks, but you know what? if you practice, you won't need it.

let the VCDX journey begin!!